Last month, Benny Wenda launched a Pacific Disaster Appeal after Cyclone Pam devastated the Melanesian nation of Vanuatu and many other Pacific nations.

The Cyclone caused much devastation throughout the Pacific and especially in Vanuatu

Over $1000 US dollars was raised as the appeal received widespread support, with many people all around the world donating generously to help people affected by Cyclone Pam. Both Benny and the Free West Papua Campaign would like to express their deep thanks and gratitude for the incredible generosity from so many people everywhere who contributed towards the appeal.

Benny has just donated the money raised from his Pacific Disaster Appeal to the Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Fund for Remote Areas, operated by the Vanuatu Environment Advocacy Network.

The Vanuatu Relief Fund for Remote Areas expressed a lot of thanks for the donation which follows a surge of strong West Papuan solidarity with Vanuatu after the Cyclone.
Lai Sakita from the organisation sent this message after the donation was made:

“International spokesman for ULMWP and campaigner for the self-determination of West Papua Mr Benny Wenda has made a donation off US$ 1,100 to  the Cyclone Relief Fund for Remote Areas to support the victims of cyclone Pam that has devastated Vanuatu. The organising committee are very grateful for the support and would like to reaffirm their stand with the course of free West Papua.”

For those who still wish to donate, the bank details are here: Lai Sakita Commerzbank AG (Swift Code COBADEFF) Favour National Bank of Vanuatu Ltd, A/C 400870818200EUR (Swift Code NBOVVUVU)


The people of Vanuatu, including the government continue to show outstanding solidarity for a Free West Papua and the people of West Papua want to continue to show their appreciation for all the support and they want to show their unbreakable bonds of Melanesian solidarity.

Once again, both Benny and the Free West Papua Campaign would like to thank everyone who donated to the appeal and in doing so has helped with much needed cyclone relief in Vanuatu.

With such strong solidarity, we uphold the true Melanesian values of helping one another unconditionally. It is with the same solidarity internationally that the people of West Papua are being helped by so many people, in their struggle for full freedom and independence.