Benny Wenda elected as Chairperson of ULMWP

Following an historic leaders meeting of The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Benny Wenda has been elected as Chairperson and will now lead the organisation. In his inaugural speech, he stated, “Under our new leadership structure, we commit to a strong and unified future because we know this is what is needed for the liberation of our people.  My prayer is that all of those who want to see the liberation of the nation of West Papua will support us in their prayers.” 
He told Radio New Zealand, “Our meeting resolved to elect a chairmanship from the secretary-general to now upgrade the organisation. We operate on a power-sharing basis, so that’s why it’s very important to maintain the unity and agenda. That’s what the executive council has given us the mandate to continue”.

Benny Wenda is fully grateful at the tremendous support and solidarity from West Papua, the fellow leaders and members of the ULMWP, the government of Vanuatu and all supportive people everywhere around the world, at grassroots, civil and parliamentary levels.

He looks forward to the journey ahead in his new position as Chairperson of the ULMWP and looks forward to continuing to walk down the long road to freedom, hand in hand with other West Papuan leaders and with supporters around the world.

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