Today we remember the Biak Massacre.

Today, 6th July 2018, we remember the Biak massacre.

On July 6th, 1998, people of Biak, West Papua sung songs at Biak water tower while praying for freedom and raising the West Papuan Morning Star flag. They were peacefully asking for their independence. The Indonesian military arrived at dawn and murdered over 150 men, women and children. Many people were taken onto ships then tortured, killed and thrown into the sea.

No one has ever investigated the Biak massacre and the Indonesian government has never been held accountable the killings. Still today the colonial Indonesian regime kills our people in West Papua with total impunity.

Recently the Indonesian government was elected as a member of the UN security council. We urge all international bodies and all countries to investigate Indonesia’s massacres and killings in West Papua, including the Biak massacre. How can Indonesia sit on the UN security council while they rape and kill my people in West Papua?

The people of West Papua remember the victims of Biak on July 6th every year and continue their struggle for self determination and independence until we are free people. We need the international community to support us for justice for the Biak victims and support us as we continue to be their voice for independence.

Benny Wenda
Chairman – ULMWP